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Los Pangeos comparten su experiencia con usted

Marta G.
Education : Master in Industrial Engineering
Current position :  Quality & Data Management System Manager
Country : France
“After having spent 8 months in Sweden as an Erasmus student during my Master studies, I was looking for my first work experience abroad.
The PANGEO programme seemed to be the best opportunity (professional and personal) to discover new places, a new environment and to start my career.
At the beginning of my PANGEO in Stoke-on-Trent(UK) I was assigned to three main assignments :

  • Management of the VWS worldwide item database(AQUAPART);
  • Advancement and improvement of the quality and the level of achievement of technical documentation (sizing guide, P&ID, operating manual, drawings);
  • Develop offers analyzing specific Business Unit's requirements.

During my PANGEO programme I have spent most of my time working on AQUAPART, being the contact point for users around the world. This has given me the opportunity to create a network of colleagues, which I consider an important factor in working life.
I have also worked on quotations with the help of Aquafab Proposal Engineers and MU Managers.
Because of my great interest in Quality Management I have also been given the possibility of being an internal auditor for Aquafab.
Since July 2013 I have been given a new responsibility within Aquafab: Quality and Data Management System Manager.
I am now in charge of the following main projects/tasks:

  • COBALT: Barcoding solution for VWS group;
  • Development of COGNOS reports for Aquafab;
  • Quality Management system for Aquafab.

If I had to sum up my experience as PANGEO in one word, I would just say: GREAT!
In these 24 months I have always had the support from HR and my managers.
As a first job experience I am completely satisfied and that is the reason why I am advertising it to my friends :)
From this experience, I have learned confidence, flexibility, adaptability which are necessary for working in a multicultural environment as well as the capability of being able to manage yourself out of your comfort zone!
What I have enjoyed the most is that I have been given responsibilities from day one and I have always felt the support from colleagues and my managers.
I like quotations, so these two summarize my thoughts well:
“Loving life is easy when you are abroad. Where no one knows you and you hold your life in your hands all alone, you are more master of yourself than at any other time”
"Don't lower your expectations to meet your performance. Raise your level of performance to meet your expectations. Expect the best of yourself, and then do what is necessary to make it a reality."
The PANGEO programme is a great experience to grow and learn. Make the best of every single day as a PANGEO.
When you step back and start thinking, you realize how many things you learned, how many people you met and how many challenges you have faced!
Dante O.
Education : Engineer of ENGEES (Ecole Nationale du Génie de l’Eau et de l’Environnement de Strasbourg) / Master in management – Business School of Strasbourg
Current position : Design and Process Deputy Manager
Country : Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
“I applied to the PANGEO programme to have a first job experience in a foreign country and join an international company.
I was a PANGEO for VWS Saudi Industries in Saudi Arabia. I was a Design and Process Engineer.
My main assignment was, as a member of Engineering Department, to be responsible for the design of a drinking water and waste water treatment plant.  I participate as well to the detailed engineering works such as creation of pressure vessels in our factory. I was assigned also as commissioning manager for a reverse osmosis plant and a Multiflo plant.
It was a great experience in all terms: personal and professional.
I was expecting to progress technically by participating on the design in tender and execution phases and participate on many Aquademy or other training seminars. This was in keeping with my expectation.
But more than that, I have commissioned 3 plants during my PANGEO mission: 2 Multiflo and 1 brackish RO plant. Experience at a site was the big plus (I think it is completely necessary even if it was not my initial idea) on the technical side.
As mentioned before, improvement of my technical skills was the first target and it was more than a success.
But regarding the technical matter, working in a specific environment like the Middle East and especially Saudi Arabia with all that it implies, was a great overall experience which constitutes to a strong personal experience.
Now, my current position is giving me more responsibility but it is still a continuation of my previous job as PANGEO.
PANGEO is a great system allowing young graduates to have a very good experience in a foreign country.”
Bruno R.
Education: Ch. Engineering
Current position : Process Specialist
Country:  South Korea
 “The PANGEO team contacted me for spontaneous interviewing. Their proposition greatly interested me and fitted in my career plan.
During the mission, I joined the joint venture in charge of designing and building the largest-to-date sludge incineration plant in the world, Hong Kong Sludge Treatment Facility.
I believe that PANGEO is a reasonable option for whose want to start their professional careers abroad. I would recommend it because working abroad is not only about developing professionally but also about growing as a person. It gives you a more transparent idea how the world is globalizing quickly and increases your cultural tolerance and communication skills”
Etienne F.
Education : Engineer in Biotechnology
Current Position : Project Manager
Country :  France
I finished my studies with an internship at the Veolia Technical Department. Once I finished I was looking for opportunities to continue working for Veolia abroad to gain international experience through this type of position. It was also an opportunity to discover a new culture, ways of working and a new country.
I worked in Norrtälje (Sweden) as a Project Engineer. I have been assigned to diverse assignments. I was in charge of the environmental footprint and had to assess the carbon footprint of our installations in Sweden and find ways to improve it. I have also been involved in the asset management improvement of our municipal contracts in order to implement new maintenance plans.  As well as those two main missions, I have also been working on other topics such as process improvement.
Integrating into the PANGEO programme just after I graduated school was a great professional and personal experience. It gave me the opportunity to start an international career. It helped me to better understand how Veolia works globally and locally at operational level. Thanks to the contacts made I have built a strong internal network.
This experience taught me a new language and how to work in a multicultural environment and at the operational level of the company. It helped me to better anticipate projects at a more global scale and improve my adaptability. All those things are precious skills that definitely help me today in my position.
I would definitely recommend participating in the PANGEO programme which is an excellent way to accelerate the start of your career and develop key skills for the future.”


Barry H.
Current Position : Technology Manager
Country & City: The Netherlands, Delft
“I recruit PANGEO because Biothane is a technology driven BU, as such we have a strong focus on developing new and innovative technologies. We have found that such technology development projects are more successful when a PANGEO is dedicated to the project.
As stated above, Biothane recruit VIE’s to work on technology development projects. During these projects the PANGEO will be responsible for a variety of activities including: literature review, pilot design, managing pilot construction, monitoring pilot plant performances, preparing drawings and engineering documents. Basically all typical process engineering work.
The PANGEO programme is a great opportunity for a young graduate. You get the opportunity to develop you engineering skills by working with world class experts. Combined with this, there is the added advantage of experiencing another culture and of course making some great friends along the way.
I have participated in the PANGEO programme. For me it was a fantastic experience. I worked on a development project which was collaboration between Biothane and the Technical Department. During this project I learned and enormous amount from the experts within the group and also was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to visit many different BUs throughout the world. Ultimately I was hired as a process engineer by Biothane and last year became the Technology manager.  
For me a PANGEO mission is a fantastic experience and I would not hesitate to recommend it to a young graduate.”


Justine J.
Current Position: H.R. Business Partner 
Country & City: UK, London
“Our policy is to recruit PANGEOs into positions that arise because of succession planning; they are positions that allow for only limited work experience but good educational backgrounds and a potential need for languages. These are often positions we would otherwise recruit a regular UK graduate into but often PANGEOs can offer more.
The company contributes to the improvement of PANGEOs by providing development plans, mentors, project experience and some job rotation experience.
We are looking for different profiles: mechanical, chemical or electrical engineers. We have also taken marketing & sales PANGEOs. The applicant must have good language skills with English being a key language, a strong academic background with some work experience.
After the programme, a PANGEO can become Proposal Engineer, Project Engineer, Contract Engineer or Process Engineers.
We have had extremely good experiences with PANGEOs and we have offered the majority of them a role either in the UK or within the group.   They often have a level of confidence not found in local graduates.”  
Kamar K.
Current Position: Recruitment, Staffing and Training Junior Manager   
Country & City: Oman/United Arab Emirates
“The Middle East region covers different activities of Veolia and offers a large scope of opportunities notably through its active business development. PANGEO is one of the main recruitment channel used to find and attract young talented people interested in sharing and developing competencies in a challenging and multicultural environment. 
The company contributes to the improvement of PANGEOs by providing good team integration, permanent communication/follow ups and clear visibility on their objectives will help the PANGEO to face and overcome the upcoming challenges.
We recruit mainly technical profiles but also support functions.
The PANGEO should have an international profile, being open-minded with at least a good level in English (Arabic speaker(s) could be a plus for our area).
The PANGEO program is considered as a real pool of recruitment for the region. Subject to business constraints (budget, job opportunities availability), our best is done in order to maximize the chances of PANGEO’s hiring. Such recruitment is beneficial for the two parts: the PANGEO is being offered a challenging position in the continuity of their previous mission(s) and Veolia can count their performance already tested and proved.”

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